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Assured Soccer Profits is a soccer trading system designed to make daily consistent profits trading football matches using a betting exchange. It’s one of those trading systems that requires no football knowledge, can be used on most matches, and can be used all year around.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first, Assured Soccer Profits costs £89.00 – which compared to Bonus Bagging or Betfair Trading Expert, is quite expensive. That’s why you might want to ask yourself a few questions before parting with any of your hard earned cash.

How Long Before I Can Get My £89.00 Back?

The systems operators (I cover them in the next question) claim on their webpage that you should be able to make an average of £20 a day. Having used the system myself for a couple of years now, I can say this is possible, but using the stakes they are basing that on you would need to be trading around 5 matches a day. Which is a bit much in my view.

Setting a lower target of around £7-£10 a day, you will have paid for the system in less than 2 weeks. Failing that, the system’s operators offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Is The Operator Of The System Credible?

I believe the answer to this to be yes! The system is run by John Duncan and Geoff Parle. John Duncan is the man behind the Football Cash Generator (FCG), so he has a proven track record in football betting systems. Geoff is his partner in this venture, and according to John, Geoff is the brains behind Assured Soccer Profits.

The reason why the two men came together is because Geoff had a system he wanted to market, and contacted John as he (Geoff) had used FCG and as a result, was aware off, and trusted John to work with him on this venture.

I believe that the fact that John didn’t take the idea, spin it a little, and then claim it as his own is testament to his honesty.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, as I stated in the ‘How Long Before I Can Get My £89.00 Back?’ question, with Assured Soccer Profits you get a 30 Day money back guarantee.

Does The System Have A Proven Track Record?

I’ve seen the results page in the members area, and they are very impressive. Can I or anybody else verify these results? I certainly can’t. What it comes down to though, is do you trust the authors of the system?

Like with a lot of these things, the only option we have is too take them at face value. Personally, I try and read as many reviews as I can before purchasing a system, but when it comes to the point of purchase, I have to take all these ‘guaranteed profits’ and ‘positive customer reviews’ with an element of trust, as I can’t know for certain that they are not made up or exaggerated.

It’s up to the individual to decide if he/she thinks it’s worth the risk. The best thing these systems can offer is a money back guarantee – which Assured Soccer Profits does.

I believe the reason why John Duncan and Geoff Parle are happy to offer the refund is because they are totally confident in their system.

John Duncan offers after sales support, he is always available to be contacted by email. The members area is an ongoing process, it is evolving all the time and you need to be a member to continue to receive the long term benefits of it.

This is probably why John and Geoff are confident that people won’t just buy the system, learn it in 30 days and then get their money back.

Can It Get Overloaded With Members And Therefore Not Work In The Long Run?

I don’t believe so. I’ve always thought that if I had a money making system, why would I sell it? I would just keep using it, and keep it too myself. Why sell it and let it get flooded with users and then possibly become over subscribed and eventually redundant?

You just wouldn’t do that, would you?

Having used this system, I can understand why they would/can sell it. It can’t be oversubscribed, as it can be used on nearly every football match played. There is no way in the world that this system can’t be used on a liquid betting exchange such as Betfair.

The system doesn’t really cross a conventional gamblers methods, so as long as there are mainstream gamblers using Betfair, this system can be easily used by everyone.

To use Assured Soccer Profits, you will need a Betfair account. You can open a Betfair account and claim a free bet by clicking here……


Most systems I have purchased in the past simply sold me the product and then sailed off into the sunset with my money. Assured Soccer Profits isn’t like that. With this service I get access to the members area which is continually growing, and is an ongoing process that is an essential part of the whole service.

With Assured Soccer Profits I get continued customer service through the members area. As I already stated, I can contact John Duncan by email if I’m stuck. All this is vital, and from my own perspective, makes the service worth the money (to me).

Another positive I find with Assured Soccer Profits, is that it can be used on matches I have no knowledge off. This is great in the summer months when the English and European leagues are finished.

To join Assured Soccer Profits, or if you simply wish to find out more about the service, please click here….

Personal Views

As this blog is mainly about making money from using online betting services and systems, I thought I would bring to your attention a football trading system by the name of Assured Soccer Profits.

I first came across Assured Soccer Profits in August 2011. I have experimented with it on and off since then, but in truth I never really used the system properly. And having said all that, I still managed to make a small profit using it.

This has got me thinking about how I might get on if I did start to implement the system properly. I feel I now have the discipline required to do this, so I will be starting to use some of the funds accrued from Bonus Bagging to restart using the Assured Soccer Profits system.

The down side is that this system is not cheap, it currently costs £89.00 (you will also need a Betfair account for this). This sounds fairly expensive, but what you get for your money is second to none (of what I have seen).

I have never seen a members area like it. There are tutorial videos to get you started, videos showing real live trades and how to react to certain scenarios, a blog where you can communicate openly with the systems proprietor, a betting diary, a full list of Assured Soccer Profit results, an exits option betting calculator, a users full manual that can be downloaded, and a blank results sheet for you to download to keep a full record of your results on.

I remember when I first purchased the system how impressed I was with the tutorial videos. This is what really makes the system worth the money for me.

I’ve seen videos and read guides about how to use this and how to use that, but I’ve never seen such an impressive selection of tutorial videos like the set you get in the members section of Assured Soccer Profits. And better still, the videos are constantly being added too.

It’s clear that John Duncan (who appears in the videos) has put a massive amount of time and effort into producing the videos in a way that makes it easy to start using the system.

I’ve just started watching the videos again to refresh myself and I now feel ready to try it out again. As I stated above I now feel I have the discipline to give it a proper go this time, to try and implement the system properly.

I will be working with a smallish starting bank of £50.00 to see how I get on, and looking for modest returns based on percentage of betting bank, hopefully building slowly and steadily.

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