matched betting explained

Here it is our aim to show you how to to matched betting yourself, or point you in the direction of a decent subscription service.

We will also show you how to get a matched betting free trial, and how easy it is to make risk free money using this technique.

Try any (or all if you like) of our recommended matched betting systems from the thumbnails below. They all offer free  trial or trials for just £1.00. This enable you to give them all a go for next to nothing, and see which one you prefer.

Best Matched Betting Sites


Odds Monkey Matched Betting Free Trial

free trial available here
– £17.99 a month or £150.00 for 12 months
– Can cancel at any point


Matched Bets Trial £1

£1 trial for 14 days full access
– £15.00 a month or £149.00 for 12 months
– Cancel at any time if not satisfied


Profit Accumulator Matched Betting Free Trial
Profit Accumulator

free trial available here
– £17.99 a month or £150.00 for the year
– Can cancel at any point


Profit Maximiser £1 Trial
Profit Maximiser

£1.00 (+ VAT) trial for 14 days here
– Cheapest annual price at £116.40 (VAT Included)
– 30 day money back guarantee


– £216 or 4 x £58.80
– The ultimate Matched Betting package, with 13 betting systems
– 30 day money back guarantee

Get Yourself A Matched Betting Free Trial

As you can see from the offers above, it is easy to get a matched betting free trial.

As well as the free trials though, you can also try out the other systems for just one pound plus vat. £1.20 is basically a free trial, after all, who can’t afford that!

This gives you the opportunity to try the lot of them out for the price of a couple of pints of lager. It really is a no brainer.

Matched Betting Guide

Is Matched Betting A Con?No it most certainly isn’t. Matched betting is a well established reputable way of making money by using free bet offers from bookmakers.

Can I Do Matched Betting For A Living?It purely depends on how much money you need to make a living, and how much time and effort you are prepared to put it.

If you’re looking to make money from Matched Betting, then you have definitely come to the right place. Below we have a selection of matched betting services for to choose from, all of these services will show you exactly how it all works, and they will even find you the free bets to use to make the money from.

Best Matched Betting Sites

Bonus Bagging – £1 Trial
Profit Maximiser – £1 Trial
OddsMonkey – Free Trial
MatchedBets – £1 Trial

You can do matched betting yourself, and here we will show you exactly how to do that. This also means no paying for a subscription service.

If on the other hand you are a new starter, then we’d recommend looking to join the Bonus Bagging service to start with. That is the easiest and most basic of all the services. It also makes the whole process look less daunting (you’d be surprised how easy it is too be put off).

Matched Betting really is easy though, so don’t be put off. People make first and second livings from it, so it is really a trade worth investing your time and effort in. It is here to stay as well.

To start with, there is a lot of money to be made from new customer offers, but you can only use them once.

After you have exhausted all the new customer offers is when the real work starts. That’s when you need to find methods to keep getting free bets for existing customers. This is when we turn to Reload offers.

This is easy though, and what tells us that these free bets are here to stay, is the competitive nature of the bookmaking world.

Reload Offers

Free bets for existing customers are called reload offers. They are available to existing customers on whole range of sports, including football, horse racing, tennis, etc, etc.

Matched Betting Is A No Lose System

Remember, none of these products will lose you money. There is no needing horses to win, or last minute goals, they are simply arbitrage betting systems. All three of the above specialise in finding free bets, and cashing them in for risk free profits.

This is why I can confidently tell you, that you will not lose money. They involve placing bets, but crucially, they don’t involve betting or risk taking.

Key Points About These Products And Matched Betting In General.

  • None of the above are gambling
  • These systems are set up in a way to get your your subscription money back in about two to three weeks of purchase
  • There is hundreds of pounds in Bookmakers Free Bets waiting to be claimed
  • All services have daily reload offers, bringing you all the offers available that day, giving you the chance to make risk free money every day of the year.
  • You will get regular Emails alerting you to new offers.