Profit Maximiser Risk Free Trial

If you’ve ever wondered what Profit Maximiser is like, and how you can try it out, then read on as here we are going to explain to you how you can get it on a risk free trial.

How To Get The Profit Maximiser Risk Free Trial

Basically, there are two methods available to purchase Profit Maximiser. You can sign up using the 14 trial for £1+Vat (you pay the remainder of the purchase after 14 days), or you purchase it outright.

Profit Maximiser Trial
Take the Profit Maximiser risk free trial here and see how much money you can make

£1 Profit Maximiser Trial for 14 Days

– Starting with the 14 day trial. Using this method you get to pay £1+Vat up front, to get full access to the site for 14 days. At the end of the 14 days you get charged the remainder of the full subscription fee.

In total, you pay £1.20 up front (£1+Vat), and then the remaining £115.20 (£96+Vat), a total of £116.40 (£97+Vat). Using this method you get to try out the service for just £1.20, not bad in my opinion.

30 Day Profit Maximiser Money Back Guarantee

– The second option to buy is it outright. Using this option you pay out all the money up front in one go, the full £166.40 (97+Vat). Using this method gives you the 30 day money back guarantee. You don’t need a reason to get your money back either, you just as for it back.

This means all you need do is contact customer services before the end of the 30 days and ask for your money back. Simple as that. Doing it this way, you are trying the system out for free.

Either way it’s effectively a risk free trial. It’s either pay the full amount of money and get it back, or pay £1.20. I’m sure we can all afford to risk £1.20.

During your trial period (either of them) you will get full access to the site. This means you will see how matched betting works, and how much money can be made from it.

Both purchase options are on the same page. Simply choose which option you prefer from the two listed above, click on this link here, and scroll down the page until see the screenshot below. Then click on whichever of the two options you prefer.

Profit Maximiser Risk Free Trial

You Will Make Money During Your Profit Maximiser Risk Free Trial

Unfortunately we are not allowed to use phrases like ‘guaranteed profits’ for legal reasons. If you follow the instructions on the Profit Maximiser site, you will make money during the Profit Maximser risk free trial period.

With the 14 days risk free trial, cashing in just one free bet from the Profit Maximiser site will get you more than £1.20 back.

While using the 30 day money back guarantee, you will be getting all your cash back, so any bets you cash in will result in risk free profits. There is even more information about this on our Profit Maximiser Review page.

If you decide to keep Profit Maximiser, you will easily make the £116.40 required to buy it outright within the first month of using the system. This can be done at your own pace, with a starting bank of £70 to £80.

You could easily turn that £70 to £80 into £200 in this time, meaning you are already at a point of break even. There will still be hundreds of pounds worth of offers to cash in at this stage. All that will be required is time.

Once you have turned your £200 into £300 or £400, simply withdraw your start up costs. And it’s all free cash from there on in.

Matched Betting Isn’t Gambling

Making risk free money sounds too good to be true, and is always – rightly – greeted with scepticism. We totally understand that. This is matched betting though, and matched betting is a proven method of making risk free money. Matched Betting isn’t gambling!!

Matched Betting regularly gets write ups in money sections of newspapers, and it also has it’s own thread on the forum of Martin Lewis’ money saving expert website. If it wasn’t reputable, it certainly wouldn’t be up there.

Don’t let scepticism rob you of the chance to make risk free money.

A Simple Way To Explain Matched Betting

Think of matched betting like this. It is simply a process of making money from risk free bets. You are just placing a number of bets in a certain order.

To receive a free bet, you have to place a qualifying bet. So you place your qualifying bet, and then you place a counter bet to ensure you don’t lose your money from your qualifying bet.

Then you have a free bet which has cost you nothing to get.

So when you come to use your free bet, try and look at it like this. Roger Federer is playing Rafa Nadal at tennis. You place your free bet on Roger Federer to win you £10. Then you place a £5 cash bet of your own money on Rafa Nadal to win £5 (you will also get your £5 back if Nadal wins).

– Federer wins, so you make £10 profit from your free bet. You lose £5 on the bet you placed on Nadal = Profit of £5.

– Nadal wins, so you get £10 back. That’s £5 winnings, plus the £5 bet you placed. You lose nothing on the Federer bet, because it was a free bet = Profit of £5.

That’s a pretty simplistic way of explaining it, but it is pretty much how it works in a nutshell. You will make a lot more than £5 a bet in general. Some free bets can be up to £50.

Best Matched Betting Systems

Bonus Bagging – £1 Trial
Profit Maximiser – £1 Trial
Profit Accumulator – Free Trial
OddsMonkey – Free Trial
Accumulator Generator £1 Trial
MatchedBets – £1 Trial

Potential Matched Betting Profits Are Endless

There are stacks of £5 profits available every week with matched betting. 10 of those a week equals £50 profit. Do that every week and it’s more than £200 a month, and that’s with little effort.

Put more hours in, and you can get up to £500 a month. It’s a case of you get out what you put in with matched betting. Taking advantage of one of the Profit Maximiser risk free trial options will show you how it can be done.

Matched Betting – Enhanced odds offer on Juve V Man Utd

MansionBet Matched Betting
Juventus host Manchester United in the Champions League, and the Mansionbet new customers offer is a great opportunity to make some risk free matched betting cash.

New customers opening a Mansionbet account can get either 28/1 on Juventus to win, or 80/1 on Manchester United to win, in their Champions League fixture on Wednesday night.

To get this offer you will need to deposit £10 on sign up, and the maximum bet at the enhanced odds is just £1. Mansion have Juventus at 10/17, and Manchester United are 21/4.

The way the offer works is you have your pound on one or the other of the teams. If your bet wins, you will get paid out at the normal prices (10/17 Juve or 21/4 Man U), and the enhanced winnings will be paid in free bets.

Currently on the Betfair betting exchange, Juve are 1.64 to lay and United are 7.2, meaning you could lay either team for a few quid. You can overlay either team on Betfair.

This way you would either get immediate cash from Betfair (if your lay doesn’t win), or you would end up with a massive amount of free bets (if your lay bet wins), which could be used to make more risk free money.


Odds Monkey Banner and Direct Link

free trial available here
– £17.99 a month or £150.00 for 12 months
– Can cancel at any point


Matched Bets Banner

£1 trial for 14 days full access
– £15.00 a month or £149.00 for 12 months
– Cancel at any time if not satisfied


Profit Accumulator
Profit Accumulator

free trial available here
– £17.99 a month or £150.00 for the year
– Can cancel at any point


Profit Maximiser Direct Link
Profit Maximiser

£1.00 (+ VAT) trial for 14 days here
– Cheapest annual price at £116.40 (VAT Included)
– 30 day money back guarantee


Bonus Bagging Direct Link
Bonus Bagging

£1.00 (+ VAT) trial for 7 days here
– £32.40 total cost for life membership
– 60 day money back guarantee

How to Maximise Profit from Football Season Outrights

Football bettors can be broken down into two types: Those who like the instant hit and those who can patiently wait to collect their profits. Both can, of course, be profitable, with punters picking up shrewd wins from live betting just as easily as a season long punt. There is, however, an argument that says things are more predictable over the course of a season. For example, Paris Saint Germain could have an ‘off day’, such as with their defeats to Rennes and Strasbourg last season, but on balance they will come through in the outright markets.

This is important as we are now at the stage of the year when bookmakers are releasing their outright odds for the new season. Backing ‘sure things’ in outright markets requires a little patience and the odds are not always huge, but there is less chance of an upset than in a single game. Moreover, if you make the right moves in terms of matched bets and bookies’ promotions, you can eliminate the risk all together.

Eredivisie Big 2 Can Guarantee Return

So, how do you maximise your profit for the new season? The first port of call is to the Eredivisie in the Netherlands, where you will find only two teams in with a serious chance of winning the title – PSV Eindhoven or Ajax. The current odds from Black Type show PSV as 3/10 favourites for the title, with Ajax priced at 21/10. Another bookie, 188Bet, has Ajax down as the favourites at 15/13, with PSV priced at 23/17. The short of it is that you can back both teams in what is essentially a two-horse race at a price nicely above evens. Scouring the leagues and different bookmakers for bets like these can lead to real profit, especially if you claim a free bet no deposit offer to cover any potential losses.

Arjen Robben

There are, of course, pitfalls to look out for when making these season bets. For example, Bayern Munich, who are best-priced at just 2/13 to win the Bundesliga, should possibly be avoided this season. While Munich tend to plunder the rest of the Bundesliga for players each summer, there is also a sense of transition around the Bavarian giants, with likes of Franck Ribery, Arjen Robben coming to the end of their careers. Exciting, dynamic sides like RB Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund have a reasonable chance of releasing Munich’s grip on the Bundesliga title this season.

PSG Will Stroll to Victory in Ligue 1

If you are looking for a sure thing for next season, then look no further than PSG. Their dominance is much more pronounced than, say, Juventus or Munich. You may have to shop around for decent odds though, with Betway’s odds of 1/7 looking the biggest at the moment. Although, not all major bookies have released odds for Ligue 1 as of yet.

Neymar Jr

Naturally, most punters will be looking at the Premier League outrights at this time of year, Man City’s incredible performance levels last season has insured that Pep Guardiola’s men are odds-on for the title, with a best price of 4/6 (BetBright, Sky Bet). That seems risky though, especially when you consider there are five other teams with a realistic chance of winning the league. It should also be noted that City sent 16 players to the World Cup – twice that of Liverpool. Could tiredness play a role? A 7/1 each-way bet on Manchester United, who will likely spend huge amounts in the coming weeks, looks a much shrewder way of betting on the Premier League.

5 steps to becoming a better poker player

So…you’ve been playing poker for a while and you can hold your own but you aren’t quite where you want to be yet. How on earth should you approach improving your game? If you want to be able to play poker professionally, or you’re just desperate to take down the boys every poker night, here are five steps to becoming a better poker player…

1 – Pick a discipline

Elite athletes all have a specialism and so should you. Pick a variation of poker, for example Texas Hold’em, and focus on becoming the best you can at it. Once you’ve picked, only play this game online and with friends. The more you dive into the variation you’ve chosen, the better you will come. Choosing just one area to concentrate on, rather than spreading it out across multiple, will ensure you improve at a faster rate.

2 – Study your craft

Now it’s time to get nerdy and to study your game with all your might. Read everything you can get your hands on. Watch all of the online tutorials you can find and study the masters at work. 2 + 2 Publishing have some great books that will set you on your way, and The Theory of Poker is essential reading for any novice looking to one day make it to the big leagues. If you’re serious about improving your poker game, you need to get serious about educating yourself in that which you wish to master. Sorry to break it to you, but this also includes the maths side of things!

3 – Practice makes perfect

Sure, there are ‘naturals’ in the world, but there are also those that got to where they are through dogged determination to be the best – and they’re the ones that deserve it the most! If you want to get better at poker, you will need to practice at every opportunity you get. This doesn’t mean gambling for the big bucks right away. It means, playing online for free until you’re confident enough to wager small amounts, then to take on others, and then to eventually enter competitions. Practice as much as you can, and one day you could be playing in the World Series of Poker.

4 – Review your play

Sports coaches have been employing this technique for decades to make their athletes or sports teams the best in the biz. In order to understand how you play, and to improve in the ways you wish, you need to review how you play to see where you fall short and where you excel. It’s important to develop an understanding of what works and what doesn’t. The easiest way to track your play is through a poker review programme.

5 – Bring in the big dogs

If you practice and practice, and study hard – you’ll see improvements for sure. If this level of commitment doesn’t bring you the progress you desire, or you feel as though you’ve plateaued you could think about hiring a poker coach. While this will involve an outgoing, just one session with a respected coach could elevate your game to the next level.

Here Comes The 2018 World Cup

The 2018 FIFA Football World Cup is almost upon us, and this means that there is going to be a whole host of new customer offers becoming available, as there will be a complete bookie meltdown with offers galore coming over the next few weeks.

To start with, I expect there will be enhanced odds offers on teams to win the world cup in the build up to the start of the competition. For example, I would imagine the likes of Betfair and Paddy Power will be offering massive odds on the likes of Germany and Brazil to lift the trophy.

Back in 2014 this happened, and I seem to remember that 888Sport also did a massive promotion along these lines.

Then when the competition finally kicks off on 14th June, we will start to get the match specific offers, such as enhanced odds on Brazil to beat Switzerland in their opener on 17th June, and England to beat Tunisia in their match the day after, etc.

There will be loads of these sort of offers, and these offer a great chance to cash in using the matched betting technique.

Matched Betting Systems

Bonus Bagging – £1 Trial
Profit Maximiser – £1 Trial
Profit Accumulator – Free Trial
Pure Profit – Free Trial
OddsMonkey – Free Trial
Accumulator Generator £1 Trial
MatchedBets – Free Trial

As the football World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events on the planet, there is going to be a lot of betting taking place. Here we only recommend matched betting, but if you are planning on having a little dabble try and make sure that you are only using free money made from matched betting, and that you are certain of what you are betting on.

Check out football betting explained for information on betting, they explain all kinds of football betting markets, to make sure you know what you are doing.

England’s latest warm up game seen the Three Lions beat Nigeria 2-1 in a friendly at Wembley, with goals from Gary Cahill and new captain Harry Kane.

Gareth Southgate’s team take on Costa Rica at Leeds’ Elland Road Stadium on Thursday, in what will be their final match before the real thing gets under way.

Bookmakers Offering 5 Each-Way Places on 2018 Grand National

The big race is only a couple of days away now, and all the bookmakers seem to have finally settled on exactly what they are offering with regard to each-way terms.

While the number of bookmakers offering 6 each-way places seems to have steadily grown over the past few days, the bookmakers offering to pay out on 5 each-way places seems to have shrunk.

Below is the latest list of bookies offering 5 each-way places……

– bet365 – 1/4 of the odds
– Ladbrokes – 1/4 of the odds
– William Hill – 1/4 of the odds
– Betfair – 1/5 of the odds
– Coral – 1/4 of the odds
– BetStars – 1/4 of the odds
– Betbright – 1/4 of the odds
– 10Bet – 1/4 of the odds

Profit Maximiser Direct Link
Make risk free money every day using Profit Maximiser

Take the risk out of betting, and give the Profit Maximiser service a go. Profit Maximiser makes risk free money – every day – from money back offers, and sign up offers, so why not give it a go here for just £1+Vat for 14 days!!

The Grand National is being run on Saturday 14th April, at Aintree Racecourse, the race starts at 5.15pm. It is the showpiece event of the 3 day Aintree Festival, which is taking place from Thursday 12th April, until Saturday 14th April.

Due to the fact that the Grand National is one of the biggest betting events of the year, the bookmakers have a (typically bad) habit of removing their free bets in the lead up to the race. Matched Betting opportunities can be fairly scarce on the race itself, but there are some good offers available over the course of the 3 day meeting, with the usual ITV horse racing offers still available.

If you’re a Profit Maximiser member, then keep your eye on the Calendar for the Aintree Festival offers. There’s plenty of offers on there to keep you going over the Festival, so even if you don’t profit from the Grand National itself, you will make money from the 3 day event.

Bookmakers Offering 6 Each-Way Places on 2018 Grand National

The biggest race of the National Hunt season takes place this Saturday, when the Randox Grand National is ran at the famous Aintree Racecourse.

Currently there are quite a few bookmakers offering 6 Each-Way places on the Grand National, they are as follows (along with the odds they are paying out at)

– Paddy Power – 1/5 of the odds
– Betvictor – 1/5 of the odds
– Skybet – 1/5 of the odds
– Betfred – 1/5 of the odds
– Boylesports – 1/5 of the odds
– Totesport – 1/5 of the odds
– Betway – 1/5 of the odds
– 888Sport – 1/5 of the odds

Profit Maximiser Direct Link
Make risk free money every day using Profit Maximiser

Take the risk out of betting, and give the Profit Maximiser service a go. Profit Maximiser makes risk free money – every day – from money back offers, and sign up offers, so why not give it a go here for just £1+Vat for 14 days!!

The standard amount of places offered on the Grand National is 4, although some bookies do offer 5 each-way places on the Grand National to try and gain custom.

The race is live on ITV, so the general ITV horse racing offers may still stand, but I would check with the relevant bookmakers, as they do withdraw free bets, etc, for the Grand National, so it wouldn’t be a huge shock to see them withdraw these offers as well.

How to profit from the 25/1 Paddy Power promo on Chelsea to beat West Ham

Chelsea take on West Ham at Stamford Bridge today, and with Paddy Power offering 25/1 on a Chelsea win, this represents a great chance to make some risk free money using the Matched Betting technique.

Profit Maximiser Direct Link
Make risk free money every day using Profit Maximiser

Take the risk out of betting, and give the Profit Maximiser service a go. Profit Maximiser makes risk free money – every day – from money back offers, and sign up offers, so why not give it a go here for just £1+Vat for 14 days!!

The maximum bet at 25/1 is just £1.00, and winnings are paid out in free bets. On the Betfair Betting Exchange, Chelsea are currently 1.35 to lay, meaning you can cover your original outlay for less than a quid.

Get the offer here –

In order to fully maximise any profits, you would need to underlay Chelsea, meaning that you would lose money if Chelsea win.

So for example, lets you underlay Chelsea for £10.00, meaning that if they win, you would lose £3.50 on the betting exchange. To compensate for that though, you would have £25.00 in free bets, which you could turn into around £17.00 in risk free cash.

Make money from Matched Betting

While if Chelsea didn’t win, you would make £10.00 from the profits on the Betting Exchange, while losing just £1.00 to Paddy Power, meaning a guaranteed profit.

Keep your eyes peeled on the blog this week, as it’s the Grand National next Saturday, and we will be bringing you all the bookmakers offering 5 each-way places, and all the bookies offering 6 each-way places, on the big race.

Full list of bookmakers paying extra each way places at 2018 US Masters

The 2018 US Masters gets underway in just a few hours, and if you want to take advantage of the additional each-way places on offer, you will need to act fast.

Profit Maximiser Direct Link
Make risk free money every day using Profit Maximiser

Take the risk out of betting, and give the Profit Maximiser service a go. Profit Maximiser makes risk free money – every day – from money back offers, and sign up offers, so why not give it a go here for just £1+Vat for 14 days!!

Below I have put together an extensive list of the bookies paying out on extra each-way places at the Masters, and I have also included the odds that they are paid out at. In the main the each-way is paid at 1/5 of the odds, but there are a couple of bookies in the list prepared to pay out at 1/4 of the odds.


Skybet (1/5 of the odds)
Coral (1/5 of the odds)


bet365 (1/5 of the odds)
Betfair Sportsbook (1/5 of the odds)
Paddy Power (1/5 of the odds)
Betway (1/5 of the odds)
10Bet (1/5 of the odds)


William Hill (1/5 of the odds)
Boylesports (1/5 of the odds)


Unibet (1/4 of the odds)
888Sport (1/4 of the odds)
Betfred (1/5 of the odds)
Betbright (1/5 of the odds)
Sporting Bet (1/5 of the odds)
188Bet (1/5 of the odds)
Betvictor (1/5 of the odds)
Winner (1/5 of the odds)
Sport Pesa (1/5 of the odds)

US Masters Logo

If you are having a bet on the Masters, make sure you get the best value you can from one of the bookmakers. Using the extra each way places gives you a bit more of an advantage, and even though it’s not matched betting, and not guaranteeing yourself a profit, having the extra each way places is better than nothing.

Bookmakers Paying 8 Each-Way Places at US Masters 2018

The bookmakers offers on the 2018 US Masters Golf keep on coming, we already know that Skybet are paying out on 10 each-way places (as are Coral), and as well as that, we have 5 bookmakers paying out on 8 each-way places.

Profit Maximiser Direct Link
Make risk free money every day using Profit Maximiser

Take the risk out of betting, and give the Profit Maximiser service a go. Profit Maximiser makes risk free money – every day – from money back offers, and sign up offers, so why not give it a go here for just £1+Vat for 14 days!!

Below is a list of the bookmakers offering 8 each way places, along with the amount of odds they are paying out at.

  • Bet365 – Paying 8 each-way places at 1/5 of the odds
  • Betfair (Sportsbook) – Paying 8 each-way places at 1/5 of the odds
  • Paddy Power – Paying 8 each-way places at 1/5 of the odds
  • Betway – Paying 8 each-way places at 1/5 of the odds
  • 10Bet – Paying 8 each-way places at 1/5 of the odds

Don’t forget, all of these bets have to be placed pre tournament, any each way bets placed after the start of the Masters will be paid out at the normal each way terms and conditions of that particular bookmaker.

US Masters
Sergio Garcia winning the 2017 Masters