How to create your own Free Bets

When we start out in matched betting, there are hundreds of pounds worth of free bets there immediately, just waiting to be cashed in, so it is easy to get started.

The conventional way to start off in matched betting is by cashing in these immediate free bets, which are new customer offers from bookmakers. These offers can easily make up to and around 4 figures worth of risk free money, but what happens when you run out of new customer offers to cash in?

Well, there is always new brands popping up, like we have seen the recent launch of Sunbets, Redbet and 21bet, etc, but the odd new brand coming into the market place isn’t going to see us continuing to profit in the way we have become accustomed to with the immediate new customer offers.

So the answer is, to create your own free bets. These offers can also be known as reload offers. While this might sound bizarre, it is a lot easier than you might think.

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Have you ever seen an advert on the television from a bookmakers saying money back if you miss by one, or money back if your horse finishes second, money back if your horse wins at odds of 4/1 or greater, etc, etc?

Well, even if you haven’t heard of them, they are there. The money back is as a free bet, and as we know, it’s the free bets that we profit from.

If you check the William Hill website, you will see there is an Acca Five offer. This is offer is available every day, and it is a £20 refund as a free bet. Simply place a 5-fold on just about any sport listed on William Hill, and if 4 out of 5 win, you will get your money back as free bet, up to a maximum of £20.

There’s a similar offer on Paddy Power’s website, of football. Place a 5-fold, and – again – if 4 out of 5 matches win, you will get your money back as a free bet, up to a maximum of £50.

Another offer from bet365. Back a horse at odds of 4/1 or greater on a live ITV race, or a featured race, and if the horse wins you will get a free bet on the next live ITV (or featured) race, up to the same value of your winning bet (up to a maximum of £50).

Taking the William Hill offer first, and you would need to place £20 on a 5-fold, and then lay the separate legs of your 5-fold on a betting exchange, to ensure you don’t lose your £20 on the qualifying bet. You would need to try and select 5 options starting at different times, to allow you to lay them individually.

Then if only 4 win (meaning one has let you down), you get a £20 free bet to use.

Moving onto the Paddy Power offer – you would choose 5 different football matches, preferably all kicking off at different times. Place your £50 on the 5-fold accumulator, and then lay the individual matches to cover your £50 qualifying bet.

You then hope that 4 teams win, and only one lets you down. If this happens you break even on your qualifying bet, and you get a £50 free bet to use.

Using the bet365 4/1 offer, you place a bet of £50 on a horse at odds of 4/1 or greater in a qualifying race (they are listed on bet365’s website). You then lay that horse on a betting exchange to ensure you break even.

You then hope the horse wins and triggers you a £50 free bet on the next qualifying race. If the horse doesn’t win, you have broke even and simply move onto the next race.

These are just three examples I have given you. These offers are everywhere and with just about every bookmaker out there, so just imagine how many chances there are out there for you to generate your own free bets.

There are subscription services that do all the hard work for you and show you how it works, calculate your lay, etc, such as Profit Maximiser, Profit Accumulator, Accumulator Generator, etc, but you can do this all yourself.

If you do it yourself, you will find that you do have to work hard at this, these free bets won’t just fall into your hands, you will have to put the groundwork, and you will have to be prepared to encounter some barren spells where you might not generate any free bets for a period of time.

This is where the hard work really comes in though. If you place 10 qualifying bets, and none of them trigger a free bet, you may well feel like it is a waste of time. This is where you need to be strong and keep going though, as a string of free bets might just be around the corner.

Your next 10 qualifying bets may well generate three £50 free bets, which will see you making well over £100 in risk free profits. It is like most things in life, the more you put in, the more you get out.