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Welcome to our Profit Maximiser Review page, before we go any further, I’d like to bring it too your attention that you can now try out Profit Maximiser for just £1 + Vat (£1.20 in total) for 30 days. During the 30 days, you will get full access to the service, and all money made will be your to keep, whether you keep the service, or cancel it. You really have nothing to lose trying it out!

Right on with the review. Here we will give you the low down on the Profit Maximiser betting system, how it works, and the options you have when purchasing the system. Profit Maximiser is essentially a matched betting system, something that we recommend on this website as a great method for making risk free money, and you will need to open an account with a betting exchange.

Profit Maximiser is an amalgamation of hundreds and hundreds of pounds worth of bookmakers sign up offers (the free bets you get when opening a new account), casino offers, spread bet offers, and bingo sign up offers – all in the one place.

Profit Maximiser has put all of these offers in one place, and has then produced written and video instructions showing you how to cash the offers out, making the maximum amount of risk free money. It is a pretty simple technique (when you know how), which is now starting to make members thousands of pounds a year.

If you just want to use the system occasionally, you can make a few extra quid a week. Members who are prepared to put in a lot of work, are earning a second income from Profit Maximiser, which they can use for a nice holiday, or a new car, etc. While there are members who are making over tens of thousands of pounds using the system, but they must be on the go morning, noon and night.

Profit Maximiser is similar to Bonus Bagging in some ways, meaning if you can work out the offers on Bonus Bagging, you will have no problem using Profit Maximiser. The main difference between the two services is the size and the amount of offers available, as Profit Maximiser is huge compared to Bonus Bagging.

Different Methods Used To Purchase Profit Maximiser

Profit Maximiser Direct Link
Purchase Profit Maximiser Outright for £97.00 + Vat.

Profit Maximiser costs £97.00 + Vat for the first year’s subscription. You can purchase it outright here, through this link.

If you feel it’s not for you, simply activate the no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee inside the first month of membership.

Profit Maximiser £1 Trial
Try Profit Maximiser For A Quid Here

Alternatively, you can purchase 30 days of Profit Maximiser here for just £1.00 + Vat. At the end of the 30 days you will then pay the remaining £96.00 + Vat to complete your purchase, or you can simply cancel the order before the 14 days is up, and all you will have lost is a total of £1.00 + Vat.

The 30 days for a £1.00 + Vat is great if you are a bit sceptical about forking out over one hundred to purchase a betting system that promises the earth. Who wouldn’t be cynical, and I don’t blame anyone for thinking that. This is why this offer is such a good one.

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How Profit Maximiser Works

After your Profit Maximiser Membership has been activated you will come to a start page in the members area. From here you will be able to access hundreds of pounds worth of bookmakers new customer offers, which should enable you to get your subscription money back in about a two to three weeks, just from the first few of these offers.

Once you have completed the bookmakers offers, you move onto the casino offers, the spread betting offers, and then onto the bingo sign up offers.

On my last check, the Sportsbook offers consisted of 23 bookmakers sign up offers (made up of free bets and deposit bonuses), I calculated them to be in the region of over 12 hundred pounds worth. There is also further mobile phone/tablet free bet offers, and casino offers. And if that’s enough to keep you going, there is currently over 80 (yes, eighty) Bingo Sign Up offers, ranging from £10.00 to £100.00.

In all honesty, you will probably need the best part of a year to work your way through all these offers.

Please also be aware that Profit Maximiser isn’t gambling, and it isn’t a betting system either. It is simply a process of working your way through free bets and sign up offers, and cashing out the free money.

And the likelihood is that these types of offers will be around for many years yet. There are new companies and new brands popping up all the time. You just have to sit through a couple of hours of prime time television on ITV to see the different amount of new bingo sites there is popping up.

The fact that there is that many bingo sites, casinos, and bookmakers these days, means that they have to also keep on offering us incentives to keep us as customers. So what this means is that even after we have joined and used the original offer (to open our accounts), we will get offers and incentives thrown at us to keep our custom, meaning more risk free offers for us to cash in.

These sort of offers are generally known as reload offers (basically, they are existing customer offers), and they are the sort of offers that are listed daily on the Profit Maximiser calendar.

Profit Maximiser Calendar Screenshot
PM Calendar Offers

The Profit Maximiser Calendar is what you move onto when you have used up all of the pre loaded sign up offers (that I eluded too above). This ensures that you keep on making money long after you have cashed in all the said sign up offers.

The Profit Maximiser calendar is updated several times a day, with the specific offers available on that particular day. Examples can be seen on the accompanying screenshot.

So Who Is Mike Cruickshank?

Mike Cruickshank has been selling products online for a few years now (I bought Bonus Bagging in 2011), so if he wasn’t honouring money back guarantees, I think he would have been found out by now.

It is also sold on the Clickbank platform, which is a reputable website. All this means that you can purchase Profit Maximiser save in the knowledge that if you don’t like it, you can get your money back.

Profit Maximiser costs £97.00 + VAT for the first year, but – as demonstrated on this page – this is still excellent value for money. Profit Maximiser also comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. The best thing about this money back guarantee, is that it’s a no questions asked guarantee. You don’t have to justify wanting your cash back, or come up with a reason…. you just simply ask.

What this means is, you can basically try it out for free. Just purchase Profit Maximiser here, us it for just over three weeks, and then if your not happy, or can’t be bothered with it, just ask for your money back within the month. You will then get a 100% refund put back in your bank. You will make easy risk free money over your trial period, so it is a no brainer to try it out.

I personally believe that the reason why Mike Cruickshank offers the money back guarantee is because he knows that when you see how much money you are making, you won’t want to get rid of the service. In my time betting on sports and buying products, I can honestly say I have never seen a more profitable system than this one. And it is risk free money as well, as there is no gambling involved with Profit Maximiser.

Profit Maximiser Direct Link
Purchase Profit Maximiser Outright for £97.00 + Vat.
Profit Maximiser £1 Trial
Try Profit Maximiser For A Quid Here

Key Points:

# Profit Maximiser is NOT gambling.
# Profit Maximiser is run by Mike Cruickshank, who has a solid online reputation.
# No Questions Asked, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, that is 100% genuine.
# You do not have to justify wanting your money back.
# The Money Back Guarantee effectively means you can try Profit Maximiser out for free.
# You will get your subscription money back in about a week to ten days cashing in the pre loaded offers.
# Profit Maximiser has Bookmakers’ Risk Free Bet Offers.
# Profit Maximiser has Casino Sign Up Offers
# Profit Maximiser has Spread Betting Sign Up Offers
# Profit Maximiser has Bingo Sign Up Offers