Free Matched Bet

A free matched bet is when you get a free bet from a bookmaker (or betting exchange), no matter what the outcome of your first (qualifying) bet, whether that first bet wins, loses, or draws.

Matched Betting Systems

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For example, Ladbrokes are currently offering a £50.00 Free Matched Bet. What this means is, you can have a £50.00 first (qualifying) bet with Ladbrokes, and they will then give you a free bet for £50.00, no matter what happens to your first (qualifying) bet.

So if you place your first (qualifying) bet on Manchester City to beat whoever in their next league match, you will receive your free bet, whether Manchester City win, lose, or draw. This is the basic principle of how matched betting works.

This is in contrast to bookmakers who will give you a free bet, only if your first (qualifying) bet loses.

For example, at the moment Betdaq have this offer on. If you open a Betdaq account today, and your first (qualifying) bet is for maximum £25.00, you will only receive a free bet if this first (qualifying) bet loses.

This is the subtle difference with the free bet offers that bookmakers and betting exchanges use.

The bookmakers will give us the headline offer that is generally something like ‘Join Us And Claim A Free Bet,’ which is true, but what it doesn’t explain, is the difference in the free bets.

A free matched bet is the best kind of free bet, and is also perfect if you are looking to make money using the matched betting technique. Matched betting is an ideal way to make risk free money, and is one of the techniques used in the extensive lists of bookmakers Profit Maximiser and Bonus Bagging.

Some bookmakers will offer sign up bonuses instead. These are generally based on the amount of your first deposit, and with these offers you normally need to roll the cash (deposit and cash bonus) over a certain amount of times before you can withdraw the bonus.

Key Points

* When you receive a free matched bet, you will get your free bet no matter what the outcome of your first (qualifying) bet is.