Betting Exchanges

For anybody who is considering making money from online bookmakers free bets (matched betting), opening an account with a betting exchange is essential.

The same applies to Bonus Bagging and Profit Maximiser, if you want to make money from the bookmakers free bets on both these services (or for any matched betting services), again you will need an account with a betting exchange. You will also need a betting exchange account if you are creating your own free bets (a technique more suited to experienced matched bettors), also known as reload offers.

Matched Betting Systems

Bonus Bagging
Profit Maximiser
Profit Accumulator
Pure Profit
Accumulator Generator

At the moment the two main players in the betting exchange market are Betfair and Betdaq.

Betfair are currently the biggest betting exchange in the marketplace. Betfair currently have both a betting exchange and a sportsbook. One account/login serves both, so when you sign up, don’t be alarmed if you think you have signed up to the sportsbook, as it will work on the betting exchange as well.

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The other main player is Betdaq. At the moment Betdaq lacks the liquidity of Betfair. In time they could end up being a good additional tool for using Bonus Bagging and Profit Maximiser, and the more betting exchanges we have to choose from, the better. As this will enable us to shop around for the best odds, rather than just being stuck to only having one exchange.