Reload Offers

What Is A Reload Offer?

The Reload offer is an integral part of matched betting, and what keeps you earning money long after you have cashed in all the new customers free bets.

To put it simply, a Reload Offer is a free bet given to an existing customers. I imagine they started off when bookmakers occasionally gave free bet offers to punters who regularly bottomed out their accounts, in an attempt to keep them active, as the bookies love punters who keep losing.

This type of reload offer isn’t a massive amount of use to a matched bettor, as we don’t want to get a free bet because we keep losing money hand over fist. So luckily for us, Reload offers took on a totally different meaning when offers like money back as a free bet if your acca bet loses by one (also known as acca insurance, which Accumulator Generator specialises in), and money back as a free bet if your horse wins at 4/1 or greater, etc, or if your horse falls, came along.

Matched Betting Systems With Reload Offers

Bonus Bagging – £1 Trial
Profit Maximiser – £1 Trial
Profit Accumulator – Free Trial
Pure Profit – Free Trial
OddsMonkey – Free Trial
Accumulator Generator £1 Trial
MatchedBets – Free Trial

With these types of Reload offers, we get to keep on making money from matched betting on a day to day basis. These offers give us the chance to place a bet up to £50 on a horse, lay the horse on a betting exchange so we break even, and then hope that the horse activates the free bet. It’s from the free bet that we then profit.

With horse racing taking place nearly every day of the year, and pretty much 9 to 10 months of solid football a year, there are plenty of opportunities to keep profiting from Matched Betting long after we have cashed in all the new customer offers.

All the main matched betting subscription services (listed above) have details of the daily reload offers. This safes you from having to look them up yourself, and keeps you as a satisfied customer so that you don’t cancel your subscription.

In fairness, when the monthly subscription is around just £15.00 a month, and when you consider you can make that back from just activating one Reload bet, it makes sense to keep your subscription and let them do the work for you.

Example Types Of Reload Offers

  • General Free Bets in play, usually on football (various bookmakers)
  • First Goalscorer Refunds (Dafabet)
  • Acca Insurance (various bookmakers)
  • 2nd Place Horses (Skybet)
  • Back a winning horse at 4/1 or greater odds (bet365)
  • Back a winning horse at 3/1 or greater odds (Betfair)

All of the above are just a selection of what is available, and the horse racing offers and acca insurance offers on football, are available nearly every day of the year. You are basically creating your own free bets. The biggest challenge you will face, is tricking the bookmakers into not thinking you are a matched bettor. In other words, making yourself look like a mug punter.

The Difference Between Reload Offers And New Customer Offers

The main difference between Reload offers and new customer free bets, is that a free matched bet new customer offer is a guaranteed free bet.

With the Reload free bets, the free bet isn’t guaranteed. For example, if you are looking to make money from 2nd place horses, you have to keep on backing horses and then laying them on a betting exchange so you break even every time, and then you have to wait for a horse to finish second, so that you get your money back and the free bet.

So in theory, you could go on a bad run and not get a second placed horse for 10 races (for example). But you won’t be losing, as you are breaking even every time. Eventually the second place horse will come in, and you will get the free bet. You may even get two or three in a row.

Reload bets are basically a war of attrition against the bookmakers. We have to keep going, and eventually we will profit.