Accumulator Generator

Accumulator Generator is another great addition to the already excellent stable of Mike Cruickshank Betting Products, that make risk free money for members.

Much like Profit Maximiser and Bonus Bagging, Accumulator Generator is basically another arbitrage based risk free money making machine, this time making it’s money from the free bets generated from acca insurance (also known as money back if you miss by one) offers.

Accumulator Generator Trial – £1 For 14 Days

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Try Accumulator Generator Here For £1 + Vat For 14 Days

Using this offer, you get the chance to try the system out for 14 days for just £1 + Vat (a massive £1.20). If you decide the system isn’t for you, simply contact the Accumulator Generator support team inside the 14 days, and cancel the order.

If you decide you like what you see, you will pay the remaining £148.99 + Vat at the end of the 14 days.

What Is Accumulator Generator?

Accumulator Generator is a arbitrage based betting system that makes money from generating free bets from bookmakers who offer acca insurance (also known as money back if you miss by one).

In an effort to keep our business (or us to continue losing money), nearly every bookmaker is offering acca insurance on your accumulator bets. This means if you place a 5-fold acca bet (for example), and four of your teams win, with only one team (or leg of your bet, you may have backed a draw) letting you down, you get your money back as a free bet refund.

These free bets are up to a maximum of £25 or £50, depending on the bookmaker you use. You can make a lot of risk free money from free bets of this amount.

What Accumulator Generator has done is come up with a method of placing acca bets in a way that you get your money back whether your acca bets wins or loses (by laying your selections on a betting exchange). What this means is, you place your acca bet, and then cover your acca bet, so that you end up with your money back, no matter what the outcome. So in other words, you break even on your acca.

So now you can place £50 on a 5-fold acca bet, and whether zero, one, two, three, four or five of your teams win, you still get your £50 back.

I think you’ve probably guessed what comes next. Yes, what we are looking for is for 4 of our teams to win, and one to let us down, triggering a £50 free bet under the acca insurance (money back if you miss by one) offer terms. You then make your profits from the free bets you have received, using the matched betting technique.

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It’s simple, keep placing acca bets, and covering them to break even, and eventually you will hit free bets. What this means is that using this method you won’t lose! there’s not many betting systems that can claim that.

Accumulator Generator also finds acca bets for you to place, explains how to cover the bets so they don’t lose, and has a calculator to work out all of the permutations for you (how much to place on each leg of your acca to ensure it doesn’t lose you money). It basically does it all for you.

You can place as many acca bets with as many bookmakers as you want, all you need is for that bookmaker to be offering acca insurance.

Accumulator Generator Trial
14 days of Acca Generator for just £1.

Acca insurance looks to be here to stay. Every Saturday punters up and down the country place their acca bets on the football, and bookmakers are desperate for this business, as most acca bets lose. Using this method, you can buck the trend and win.

Accumulator Generator is the latest in a long line of successful Mike Cruickshank Betting Products. All of them are basically arbitrage based (two others are Bonus Bagging and Profit Maximiser), meaning you don’t lose money, as there is no risky staking plans, and no needing horses to win to get your money back, etc.

Basically, none of these systems involve gambling or risk. Ironically, they do involve placing bets, but the bets are placed in a way that doesn’t expose you to risk (they are covered), and you then usually get a free bet at the end of it, which Mike’s product shows you how to extract the risk free money from, and there is your profit.

It’s Impossible To Lose Money With Accumulator Generator

That’s right, it really is impossible to lose money using this system. As the default setting of this system is not lose money. you will make money. At some stage, even if it takes you 10 goes (which it shouldn’t), you will activate a free bet. Just one free bet puts you in profit, and if you’re placing acca bets with bookmakers on a daily basis, you can’t fail to trigger free bets.

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