profit maximiser V profit accumulator

Profit Maximiser vs Profit Accumulator

So which is the best, Profit Maximiser or Profit Accumulator? That is a question that appears in
google search results, and is asked on forums, and social media a lot.

profit maximiser V profit accumulator
Profit Maximiser and Profit Accumulator are two heavyweights of the Matched Betting world

So which is best, Profit Maximiser or Profit Accumulator?

Both essentially do the same thing. They are both matched betting, using new customer offers to start with. And they both use reload offers to keep the risk free profits coming in.

The only real difference between the two is the price, and the differing purchase options.

To answer the main question, which one is better? Well, the best answer I can give, is take a look for yourself, as you can try out both systems for the grand total of £1.20 – which anybody can afford!

Profit Accumulator Free Trial

Profit Accumulator
Take the Profit Accumulator Free Trial Here

Profit Accumulator has a free trial, you can get it here, which shows you how to cash in free bets up to a value of approximately £45.00 (according to their website).

As well as making you some risk free money, using this trial allows you to have a look around the system and see if its’ for you.

After the trial period is over, you will then have the option to leave, purchase the system on a monthly basis at £22.99 a month, or purchase the system for one year, at £150.00, for 12 months.

Profit Maximiser £1 Trial

Profit Maximiser Trial

Profit Maximiser has a 14 day trial you can purchase here. It is the paltry amount of £1.20 (£1.00 + Vat) for two weeks. Inside these two weeks, you can use the systems and cash in as many offers as you like.

You then either cancel the system before the end of the trial (it needs to be before the end of the 2 weeks), or you keep the system (in which case you do nothing), and you will then be automatically billed for the remainder of the subscription money, £115.20 (£96.00 + Vat).

So all-in-all, you can access both trial systems for a couple of weeks for just £1.20 in total. Instead of reading endless reviews, just give them both a trial for yourself.

You will actually make money trying them both out. The best bit is all money made during the trials is yours to keep.

Even if you don’t want either system, trying them out will make you money, so you have absolutely nothing to lose trying them out.

Choosing which betting system you prefer could simply come down to cost. Profit Maximiser is cheaper over 12 months, it comes it at £116.40 for 12 months, compared to £150.00 for a year with Profit Accumulator.

On the flip side, Profit Accumulator has a monthly option, where Profit Maximiser is 12 months of nothing.

The Profit Accumulator monthly cost is £22.99, which works out at a hell of a lot more over 12 months.

But if you simply want to run with something while you see how it goes, taking the monthly option is always going to be the best choice.

Risk Free Trials – Profit Maximser and Profit Accumultor 

Just don’t be still paying for Profit Accumulator monthly after a year. This will cost you a lot more than purchasing 12 months up front would of.

There is little to choose between either of these systems. They are both matched betting, so both make money, and they both come with trial offers that cost a total of £1.20. All that there is too choose, is which one is for you.