Profit Maximiser’s Biggest Ever Win?

A member of Mike Cruickshank’s Profit Maximiser service may well have just landed the biggest ever win for the system.

Profit Maximiser Biggest Win
copy of E-mail informing members of the biggest win on Profit Maximiser to date

I awoke on Saturday morning to see the below email from Mike Cruickshank in my inbox informing me of a Profit Maximiser Member who made over Half A Million quid (yes, you read that right) while cashing in an offer.

The member was working his way through a Betfair Casino arcade offer, when he dropped the Jackpot, on a 20p spin!!

Obviously not everyone is going to manage this, but it just goes to show the sort of opportunities that Profit Maximiser throws up for members.

Any Profit Maximiser Member Could Win Big

Any one of these sort of offers could throw up a five hundred quid win, twenty pounds, one hundred quid, or ten or fifty grand, we just don’t know. The point is, as the old saying goes, you have to be in it, to win it!

And the beauty of Profit Maximiser is, you are not using your own money to play these offers. Profit Maximiser will find these offers for you, and you are playing them risk free. Meaning any money made, is simply bonus money for you to keep.

Unfortunately you have to be a member of Profit Maximiser to get access to the Facebook group. This review of Profit Maximiser gives you more details.

Winning amounts for members can vary. There are quite a few who have now made ten grand, with one member making over one hundred grand.

If you follow the Profit Maximiser matched betting formula, playing these offers will be risk free. This is because you can make up to £1000.00 from the free bet offers alone.

You start off with the free bets offers, so your bank is already swelled when you move onto the casinos.

Then if any of the casino offers do involve a small risk, it’s not your money that you are risking.