How much money do I need to start Bonus Bagging?

Bonus Bagging is a successful matched betting system, but how much money do I need to start Bonus Bagging?

You can start using Bonus Bagging or matched betting with as little or as much money as you want. It really depends on the individual, and the approach you wish to take to matched betting.

Experienced Matched Bettors

If you are an experienced online trader and in a bit of a rush, you might want to put a few hundred quid in.

This enables you to cash in some of the larger free bets straight away. It also means you can do two offers at once, as you can place bets simultaneously.

Inexperienced Matched Bettors

Whereas if you are a more inexperienced trader, or not one hundred percent confident in what you are doing, you can start with as little as £50.00 – £100.00.

Taking a more cautious approach to start with is probably more advisable. Then as your confidence and betting bank starts to grow, you can move up to the larger free bets.

Doing it this way also means you can only do one offer at a time. This is an advisable approach to take to matched betting if you’re just starting out.

How To Start With Bonus Bagging

In this blog post I want to concentrate on the new starter. For an online betting/trading newbie I would recommend starting to use Bonus Bagging with a £75.00 betting bank.

You could probably get away with £50, but £75 is probably the minimum I would recommend.

This way you can start slowly placing one bet at a time, allowing you to learn at a slower pace.

Starting with £75 means less pressure as well. If you’re not 100% sure in what you are doing, £100 is a hell of a lot of money to put up. The last thing you want to do is put yourself under unnecessary pressure.

Why Do I Need To Start Bonus Bagging With £75? Isn’t That Too Much?

The reason why you need £75 to get started with Bonus Bagging is simple. It will cost you £10 to £20 to place your qualifying bet. This includes the back and lay side of the trade.

If your qualifying bet money is in the bookmakers account, it is recommended you leave it in there until you have placed the free bet. So this leaves you with £55 to £65 to cover your free bet on the betting exchange.

This is enough, as it will cost you something in the region of £30 to £45 to place your lay bet.

Once you have completed the process with the bookmaker (placing both the qualifying bet and free bet), then withdraw your money and add it to your betting bank. Then complete the process again and again and again.

If you wish to, you can withdraw your initial £75 when you get your betting bank up to £150 to £200.

Alternatively, you can leave it in there and start doing 2 matched betting offers at a time. This doubles your money, and means you can add to your betting bank far quicker.

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