More matched betting opportunities on final day of November Cheltenham meeting

Today is the final day of the 3 day November meeting from Cheltenham, and this means more matched betting opportunities.

Live TV Races today are the 1.50 Cheltenham, 2.05 Fontwell, 2.25 Cheltenham, 3.00 Cheltenham, and 3.30 Cheltenham. On these races you will be able to get all the risk free bet offers (Reload Offers) from Bet365, Betfair, Betway, Coral, Paddy Power and Skybet. As well as the 15% bonus offer from William Hill.

There is also the usual football first goalscorer offers, and Acca Insurance offers which the Accumulator Generator system covers for the more experienced matched bettors.

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There is a massive enhanced odds new customers offer from Betfair on Faugheen to win the Morgiana Hurdle at Punchestown. New customers are getting 20/1 (£1 only bet) on the horse to win, the standard odds are just 4/9. The race is at 2.15pm.

Matched Betting Offers For Day 2 Cheltenham November Meeting

Day 2 of Cheltenham’s November Meeting is on today, and there are Matched Betting opportunities using new customer offers along with the usual array of Reload Offers (existing customer offers) that we see every week on live Saturday racing.

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There are 6 live races on ITV today, with 4 of them coming from the November Meeting at Cheltenham. The full list of races can be found below.

Saturday’s Live Races On ITV

1.50 Cheltenham
2.25 Cheltenham
2.45 Lingfield
3.00 Cheltenham
3.15 Lingfield
3.30 Cheltenham

The horse racing offers see free bet refunds available for a whole host of reasons. There are free bet refunds if your horse finishes second with some bookies, while other bookmakers offer free bets on the next race if you back a winner at odds of 3/1 (Befair) or 4/1 (bet365), or greater.

The free bets refund amounts are up to a maximum of £50 with bet365, a maximum of £25 with Betfair, Paddy Power, and SportingBet, and £20 from Skybet and Betway.

With it being Saturday, there will also be plenty of Reload offers for existing customers using the Accumulator Generator system to make money out of Acca Insurance offers.

The November Meeting at Cheltenham brings Matched Betting opportunities

Today sees the start of The November Meeting at the famous Cheltenham Racecourse (17th-19th November). The meeting includes big races such as the Steel Plate And Sections Novices’ Chase (Friday), and the Betvictor Gold Cup (Saturday), with the latter being the feature race of the 3 day event.

With this being the biggest event of the National Hunt calendar so far this season, the bookies are throwing around a few enhanced odds offers, which can be used to make some money from using Matched betting.

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There is 4 races on ITV today, they are at 1.50, 2.25, 3.00 and 3.35. All the usual offers are available on these races such as the £50 risk free bet from bet365, Skybet and Betway £20 refund offers, £25 refunds from Betfair, Paddy Power and Sportingbet, and William Hill’s 15% winnings boost, all of which are Reload offers for existing customers and give us the chance to make risk free money from Matched Betting techniques.

Use Enhanced Odds Offers For Matched Betting

It is possible to use enhanced odds offers from bookmakers to make money from matched betting. As well as having a standard free bet offer for new customers, some bookmakers also have ad hoc offers on a particular sporting event, such as a big football match, or maybe a major boxing bout, for example.

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These offers are usually a massive price enhancement like the one shown from Coral in the screenshot shown below. As you can see, it is enhanced odds of 33/1 on Chelsea to beat Watford (from Saturday 21st October). The standard odds on Chelsea to win this match was around the 1/4 mark.

Coral Enhanced Odds Offer

The maximum bet on this offer at 33/1 was £1.00, so if it wins, you would get back £34.00 in free bets.

You could guarantee a profit on this match by backing Chelsea for £1.00 with Coral, and then laying them for around £20.00 on a betting exchange (meaning a cash loss of approximately £5.00).

If Chelsea win, you lose £5.00 on the betting exchange and get £34.00 in free bets. From the £34.00 in free bets you could make around £22.00 to £25.00 in risk free profits using the matched betting technique. After you take your original stake of £1.00 and your lay of Chelsea loss of £5.00 out, you would have a profit of roughly £16.00 to £19.00.

If Chelsea had lost, you would have lost £1.00 on your original bet, and won £20.00 on the betting exchange. You would also have got a £5.00 free bet from Coral, as part of the offer if your bet on Chelsea lost. You could make around £3.00 from that free bet, giving you a profit of over £20.00.

So as you can see whatever the outcome of the Chelsea match, by hedging your new account offer in this way, it guaranteed us a nice profit.

Sometimes these offers are better value than the standard new customers offer, so they are worth keeping an eye out for.

You don’t find these offers on the matched betting systems such as Profit Maximiser and Bonus Bagging, as they tend to focus their instructions on the standard new customer offers.

Create your own Free Bets with the William Hill Acca Five offer

At the start of the 2017/18 football season, William Hill announced their new Acca Five offer, which gives us a great opportunity to make some risk free money using the Matched Betting method.

Even though ‘Acca Five’ was unveiled as a football accumulator offer, it is actually available to use on just about every sportsbook listed on their website. This means you can use this offer for tennis accas, darts accas, rugby union accas, etc, etc.

Matched Betting Systems

Bonus Bagging
Profit Maximiser
Profit Accumulator
Pure Profit

Under the terms of the offer, you can get a refund as a free bet up to a maximum of £20, and this is available every day. So for example, if you wanted to place a 5 player acca every day for the first week of Wimbledon, or any other tennis competitions for that matter, you could. And you could then still place your 5 team acca on the football at the weekend.

This is an ideal way of creating your own free bets, and can keep you profiting from William Hill long after you have cashed in the new customers offer.

To profit from the offer, simply place £20 on a 5-fold, try and pick events picking not starting at the same time, this makes it easier when it comes to laying on a Betting Exchange.

You then lay the matches individually to ensure you don’t lose your £20. Then you sit back and hope that you get 4 out of 5, which will trigger your free bet, and roughly £12 to £13 in risk free profits. While if you get zero, one, two, three, or even all five events right, you will break even as you have covered your acca on the betting exchange.

You can use professional matched betting services such as Profit Maximiser or Accumulator Generator (Accumulator Generator specialises in acca insurance offers) to do this, or you can do it all yourself. The professional services will find you your bets, and walk you through the whole process from start to finish, making it much easier for you. extends £1 Trial

Great news if you are still trying to decide which Matched Betting service to use, and you fancy trying another one out, as have extended their £1.00 offer for a further period.

As of yet, it’s not clear how long this offer will continue to run for, but as far as I’m aware it is for a limited time only. They have been doing this offer for a few weeks now, and they keep extending it, but there is no definite time scale as to how long it will be extended for. So what I would say is that if you want this offer, I would get it now!

For your £1.00, you will get FULL access to the Premium section of the website, this will get you access to all the new customer free bets, and it is also where all the reload bets are. The reload bets are basically all the existing customer offers, which keep you earning long after you have used up all of the new customer offers.

Where the £1.00 offer for 7 days differs from the free trial, is that the free trial shows you how to make a few pounds risk free from a couple of bets, meaning you will leave with a profit regardless, which is a good deal in itself.

Using the £1.00 trial though, you get to look well beyond the opening free bet offers. You get to see all the reload offers, and exactly how the whole system works, and will continue to make you money for months and years to come.

I suspect that the offer is an attempt to keep competitive with systems like Profit Maximiser which also offer a £1.00 service.

Matched Betting is becoming a very competitive market place these days, so there may be more decent offers like this floating around in the not too distant future,

Don’t Be Greedy Using Accumulator Generator

One of the worst things you can do when using Accumulator Generator – or indeed matched betting in general – to make risk free money, is be greedy.

Why? Well because the chances are, you will stand out like a beacon to the bookmakers, and your accounts will soon get closed, or what’s also known as Gubbed.

For example, William Hill offer a £20.00 refund every day under the terms of their ‘Acca Five‘ offer. If you place £20.00 a day on a Five-Fold, the chances are that you will stand out, and they would regard you as a risky account, basically they will brand you as an arber or a matched bettor – which they hate.

Bookmakers don’t like people who profit from their offers, they like Punters who lose money hand over fist. If you are placing 3 to 4 Five-Fold or Six-Fold bets a day that are losing, they will love you and keep your account open forever.

If they suspect that you are shrewd and trying to milk the system though, they will close your account without hesitation, and you have lost that source of income.

How Do You Avoid This And Look Like A Mug Punter?

It is virtually impossible to avoid having an account closed at some time or another if you are good at matched betting, all you can do is try and keep them going for as long as possible, and by doing that, you need to look natural.

One way I find to do this is to not max out the refund offers. Going back to the William Hill example I gave above, just place one bet at the weekend, and one when there is a decent mid-week fixture list. And don’t do it at £20 (the maximum refund amount).

There are loads of bookmakers around, and most of them offer acca insurance. So instead of hammering one bookmaker, spread it across a load of them. Only place bets of around 50% to 75% of the maximum refund amount, and try and do them all over the weekend (or if there’s major fixtures in midweek), the times of the week when the majority of acca bets are placed.

You are far more likely to look natural if you are placing your acca bet on the major leagues across a Saturday and Sunday of one weekend, rather than having one game Monday, one on Tuesday, and three the following Saturday.

If you are looking to have £200.00 worth of acca bets a week, target which bookmakers you will use for certain amounts, and spread your £200.00 across numerous bookies. Flip the amounts around week to week, try not to become monotonous.

Other ways to make it look like you are a mug punter and not attempting to play the system, is to put more teams in your acca than the minimum amount (6 teams when it is a minimum of 4). It might mean you miss out on the occasional free bet, but using the system probably, you won’t lose money doing this.

On occasions put more money on than the maximum refund, that can possibly put bookies of the scent and make you look like a mug.

Also, if you have a stinker one day, and all five (for example) of your acca selections lose, maybe try placing another one immediately after to make yourself look like a mug punter chasing your losses.

Another tip is to not use bookmakers who are linked and – most probably – use the same software, for example Coral and Ladbrokes are linked (so are Paddy Power and Betfair), so don’t place the exact same acca bets with Coral and Ladbrokes, as that may well get flagged up.

Try Profit Maximiser For Just £1.00 For 30 Days

Try doing Casino offers from Profit Maximiser, or cashing in new customer offers from Monday to Friday instead, and by the way, always maximise the new customer offers, I would imagine virtually everybody does. Although on the flip side, you may look like a mug punter immediately if you don’t maximise a new accounts offer – that’s a decision for the individual

Plenty more risk free money opportunities as the Champions League returns

The Champions League group stages return tonight, and that means there are plenty more opportunities to cash in using the Accumulator Generator system.

With the return of European football, we now have a round Champions League fixtures on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, followed by a round of Europa League fixtures on Thursdays.

This means there are now more matches enabling us to put together many more midweek accumulators, and more chances of grabbing some free bets using the Accumulator Generator system.

Also, with the Champions and Europa Leagues being big competitions, they don’t really stand out or look suspicious to the bookmakers, as most football loving punters (even me) will no doubt be having a bet the cream of Europe’s footballing elite.

More Profit Maximiser risk free offers with Free Spins from Gala

Some good risk free offers on the Profit Maximiser Calendar today. Risk free offers include a £1.00 free Sun Bingo offer, £5.00 free from William Hill Games, 10 free Gala Casino spins, and a Bwin Bspin.

As well as this you also get the Acca Insurance offers, which are now in full swing with the football seasons up and running all across Europe’s main leagues. The weekend will also see plenty of horse racing offers to also go with the football acca bets.

William Hill are now also running their new Acca Five offer which offers daily refunds, and is available to use on just about every sport that they take bets on. All this means there is plenty of chances of daily profits from William Hill alone.

New Profit Maximiser customers taking advantage of the £1.00 trial for 30 days, have the opportunity to make the full purchase amount inside the 30 days, meaning you could complete the purchase practically risk free.

Cash in with Accumulator Generator with the return of Premier League

Major football is back with the Premier League having returned last weekend, and that means the return of acca insurance, which in turn means profits from the Accumulator Generator system.

Accumulator Generator Trial
14 days of Acca Generator for just £1.

A lot of the bookmakers offer Acca Insurance on the top leagues, such as the Premier League, German Bundesliga and the Spanish La Liga. All three leagues will be back up and running over the next couple of weeks, giving even more opportunities to place numerous acca bets.

It is possible to cash in acca insurance on the Premier League alone, taking advantage of the £1.00 offer for 14 days, you can see for yourself how Accumulator Generator works, and how easy it is to make risk free money using the system.