Bonus Bagging Calculator

The Bonus Bagging, Matched Betting Calculator is an excellent tool when it comes to working out how much money is needed to be staked for maximum profit when cashing in risk free bets. Whether you are a member of Profit Maximiser or Bonus Bagging or not, it is a pretty essential tool well worth having.

Matched Betting Systems

Bonus Bagging – £1 Trial
Profit Maximiser – £1 Trial
Profit Accumulator – Free Trial
Pure Profit – Free Trial
OddsMonkey – Free Trial
Accumulator Generator £1 Trial
MatchedBets – Free Trial

Unfortunately, only members of Mike Cruickshank‘s two services have access to the Bonus Bagging calculator. The cheapest way to gain access to the calculator is through the Bonus Bagging service (a one off payment of £27.00 + vat for life membership). There are other free calculators online, but in my opinion the Bonus Bagging one trumps most of them as it gives you more options.

For example you can find out exactly how much money is needed to staked on qualifying bets, free matched bets, and risk free bets. The calculator also has an option for working out the amounts needed taking Betfair’s commission into consideration, meaning the Bonus Bagging calculator just about covers every eventuality. I’m not sure all of the free online tools will do this.

For Bonus Bagging members, to get to the Bonus Bagging calculator page, you need to click ‘Bookmakers’ on the tool bar in the members area. When you have done that, you will see ‘Matched Betting Calculator’ directly underneath, just click on that link and you will find the Bonus Bagging Calculator.

For Profit Maximiser members, just click on the ‘Training’ tab in the tool bar in the members area. At the bottom of the training page you will see ‘Bonus Bagging Tools,’ click that and on that page you will see a link for Calculator.

With this calculator you can work out bets in fraction or decimal format, with or without stake returned – this is handy as free bets are usually without stake returned (unless it is a bet that only becomes a free bet, if it loses).

The great point about this calculator though is that it works out your lay stakes on Betfair (you can use other betting exchanges), minus their commission. It’s usually fairly simple to have a rough estimate in mind when laying, but the commission can generally knacker up your best efforts.

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