Who Is Mike Cruickshank?

Mike Cruickshank is the man behind the successful betting systems, or betting services (as I would call them), Profit Maximiser and Bonus Bagging.

Mike is a well organised, meticulous sort of guy. He openly admits to how he boringly sits in his office, finding free bets, free casino spins, bingo offers, etc. He has been doing this sort of thing (bagging free bonuses) for years now, and he now seems to have mastered these techniques.

Matched Betting Systems

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How can it be said he has mastered them? Well, he earns a bloody living from them.

To some of us (me included), making a couple of quid from the occasional free bet, free spread bets, free spins from a casino, or free bingo cash, etc, was a bit of fun….. I might win, I might not…. so what, it hasn’t cost me anything.

Mike has turned this so called ‘bit of fun’ into an art, a way of earning a living. Although earning a living in this way may be a touch boring, would you rather be doing a 9-5 for an idiot of a boss instead?

In making yourself financially secure like Mike has, you can pick and choose when to work. Although what Mike does might be boring, it (generally) isn’t time specific. This means you can spend an hour doing it in the morning, and an hour in the evening, if you wish. Morning, noon or night, it’s basically up to you when you work.

The only occasions when it is time specific, is the occasional time when you get a bet that has to be placed in-running. This might mean you need to be around during a particular football match. No major hardship there.

Bonus Bagging was Mike’s first project. Since starting that service, Mike soon realised that there is far more free money out there to be claimed, and that he needed a new service to bring it too the masses. That’s when he brought Profit Maximiser to us….you can effectively try Profit Maximiser for free with it’s money back guarantee.

Over the last few years Mike has built a solid reputation as a genuine guy who produces quality content and products. He is a well respected name in the online world, and is an approachable guy who is only an email away.

Mike stands by his products, which is why they come with a money back guarantee. In short, Mike is a trusted source.

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