Profit Maximiser Money Back Guarantee

A lot of people (me included) are very sceptical when it comes to parting with hard earned cash for buying something that will apparently make you rich, such as Profit Maximiser – you can try it risk free here, taking advantage of the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

This view is not cynical, it’s not unreasonable, and I totally understand it. After all, there are plenty of sharks out there in the cyber world, and we have worked hard for our money, and as a result, we don’t want to waste it on rubbish, or being ripped off.

This is why when I look at a product, I ask myself various questions before I even consider purchasing.

Q1) Who is selling the product, does he, she, or them, have a decent track record? Are they reputable?

Q2) Does the product have a money back guarantee?

Q3) Even if a money back guarantee is promised, what are my chances of actually getting my money back? A lot of big promises are made on the internet, and I suggest I wouldn’t have to look too hard to find a rip off story somewhere.

These are all realistic questions to ask yourself before purchasing anything from any internet site – and in the case of Profit Maximiser, all of the above questions have positive answers.

A1) The produce belongs to Mike Cruickshank, and he is definitely reputable. Mike is also the man behind Bonus Bagging, and has been selling his products online for a number of years now. Mike is not some unknown character who has just popped up overnight, and will be gone tomorrow (I first came across Mike in October 2011, when I purchased Bonus Bagging).

A2) The product has a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. During this 30 days, you won’t have to provide a reason for asking for your money back, you simply just need to ask. Offering a no questions asked money back guarantee also suggests that Mike has a lot of confidence in his product, in other words, Profit Maximiser is a good product!

A3) Profit Maximiser is sold on the Clickbank platform. Clickbank have been selling online products since 1998, and they are a reputable online company.

If Mike Cruickshank (or anybody else for that matter) decided he wasn’t going to honour his money back guarantee promises, then he would get kicked off the Clickbank platform fairly quickly. I bought Bonus Bagging back in 2011 off the Clickbank platform, so I know that Mike’s products have been on there for some time now.

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Key Points:

# No Questions Asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, that is 100% genuine. Meaning you don’t have to justify wanting your money back.
# Profit Maximiser is sold on a reputable website, meaning you can purchase with the confidence of getting your money back.
# Profit Maximiser is run by Mike Cruickshank, who has a solid online reputation.
# Profit Maximiser is NOT gambling.
# The Money Back Guarantee effectively means you can try Profit Maximiser out for free.